Emergency IT Support

Emergencies never happen at a convenient time!

We strive to get to you as soon as possible and get you running again. Even if it takes some creative solutions.

By way of example, we had just begun working with a new customer. A new server had just been ordered as part of a plan to migrate from SBS 2003 to Windows Server 2012 and Office 365, when the very old server started playing up. Replacing a failed hard disk wasn’t a big problem but, when the server began refusing to stay active for any length of time, urgent action was needed to prevent lost productivity.

It wasn’t worth spending significant sums on an old server that was about to be retired. Fortunately, we had a good set of backups and decided to rebuild the server into a virtual environment on a desktop machine that we provided. With just enough memory and a solid state disk to compensate for the disk load, our customer was happy to have everyone working again while we waited for the new server to arrive.

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Contact us at Gissahand  by phone or submit an enquiry online.

Kieran has been extremely helpful in dealing with our queries and diagnosing the problems within our network. We found him trustworthy and reliable.

Javariya Shah

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